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Favorite Actor

1. Jason Statham 2. Bradley Cooper 3. Ryan Reynolds 4. Chris Evans 5. James McAvoy 6. Jeremy Renner 7. Alex o’loughlin 8. Liam Neeson 9. Paul Walker 10. Vin Diesel 11. Bruce Willis 12. Chris Hemsworth 13. Dwayne Johnson 14. Luke Evans 15. Gerard Butler 16. Aaron Echkart 17. Pierce Brosnan 18. Will Smith 19. James Franco 20. Hugh Jackman

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Movies That’s Worthed To Watch

My hobby is watching movie especially action and thriller movie. I’ve watched many Movies from the worst to the best movie that’s recommended to watch. There are : 1. Transporter 2. Die Hard 3. Mission Impossible 4. Resident Evil : apocalypse 5. World War Z 6. Olympus Has Fallen 7. Fast and Furious 8. IP Man 9. I’m a Legend 10. The November Man 11. 007 12. Taken 13. Nonstop 14. Run All Night 15. The Thing 16. Splinter 17. Captain America : winter soldier 18. The Dark Night 19. Ninja Assassin 20. Hitman 21. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 22. The Equalizer 23.  The expandables2 24. Wanted 25. Dracula Untold 26. Outcast 27. 300 28. G.I. Joe 29. Survivor 30. San Andreas

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Movie Review : Survivor

This is the next interesting movie after I watched San Andreas last week. The genre are different buat i like both of them. The main actors are Pierce Brosnan who’s known as 007 James Bond before and Aldo Milla Jovovich who’s played in Resident Evil and ultraviolet. Both of them are very famous so the first time when I saw the poster of this movie, I was very excited. And today, I just watched it, and it’s much better thank what I thought. This movie is about How to survive when you are not in a good situation. Jovovich as Kate and Brosnan is called The Watchmaker who’s the most wanted killer that can’t be caught by the government. In the begining of the movie, Kate get info from her colleague, there’s a suspicious about visa application to USA from a doctor. She suspected it as something that’s related to terrorism. And after that the villain thought she’s a trouble and ask The Watchmaker to get rid of her. She’s suspected as a terrorist and hunted by the government and The Watchmaker. How will she survive and clear her name? That’s an interesting part and you can feel the tense there. This is one of recommended movie.

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How to Redude Your Weight ?

How to Reduce Your Weight Quickly and Healthy ?

Here’s the way.
1. Do exercise
Everykind of sport is a good way to reduce your weight. Even you only walk around your residence, it helps to burn the calories.
You can walk, run, or maybe swim. i’ve read that swimming can burn your calories more than running.

2. Drink mineral water
Mineral water is the most important thing in metabolism process in our body. if we drink mineral water less than it should be so our body will be dehidration

3. Don’t be stress
It’s normal if we will be stressed in our working life. when we have too many things to do and also about the deadline that will give us a lot of pressure.
But the main point is how to manage your stress. maybe in the middle of working, you can listen to any kind of your favorite songs or maybe you can rest for a few minutes.

4. Dietary habit
You have to control your dietary habit even you do exercise. Eat foods that contain fiber so it helps your digestion. such as fruits and vegetables.
Don’t eat to much carbohydrate, and eat foods that also contain protein.

5. Sleep and wake up earlier
Air in the morning is very fresh dan good for our health. Don’t sleep late in the evening so you can wake up earlier tomorrow and do small exercise.
Sleep around 7-8 hours everyday and also if you take a nap in the afternoon so don’t sleep more than 1 hour.

That’s all, thanks for reading my blog, hopefully it can help you to reduce your weight and stay healthy… 🙂

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Movie Review : San Andreas

Movie Review :

San Andreas

Main Actor : Dwayne Johnson as Ray

This movie is all about how to survive and think creatively when you aren’t in a good and normal situation.
The character here are very impressive, even the supporting actors, they can act very well.
In the begining, you’ll see how great is the main actor (Dwayne Johnson). He has to face the difficulty in his mariage life, his wife and his daughter want to live together with his wife’s boyfriend even they aren’t divorced yet.
And in the middle of movie, there’s suddenly a big earthquake and causes big tsunami, Ray has to save his wife and daughter’s life.
Ray saved his wife and they are trying to find their daughter to save her.
They are separated with their daughter so it’s getting more tense cause when they have to find their daughter, they also have to face the disaster and think fast.
So all of this movie is about how to survive and cooperate with other people who are beside you to get through this incident.
In a panic situation, you should be calm and think fast but accurately.
Moreover, having knowledge is also the most important one so from now you can start to enrich your knowledge by reading books, watching movie, or maybe chatting with others so your knowledge will be much more than before.
I think this movie is very worthed to watch, it’s impressive cause it’s very rare to find good movie to watch lately.
It’s very recommended.

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Nice Quote


There are two ways to diffuse light : become the candle or become the mirror that reflect the light.

Edith Wharton

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Good Food for Beauty Skin

Food for Our Skin

Every woman wants to have beautiful and healthy skin. Don’t worry, you can get it from now.
There are so many kind of foods that help you to get beautiful and healthy skin.

1. Avocado
It prevents your skin from dryness, hair loss, and brittle nail.

2. Tomato
It prevents your skin damage because of polution and toxic, at least it can make it slow down

3. Salmon
Japanese people love to eat Salmon so that’s why Japanese people are very smart especially in the robotic and automotive.
Not only about being snart, but also it can be your useful anti aging.

4. Pomegranate
This fruit contains much antioxidants so that can help to heal your wounded skin faster.

5. Nuts
If you eat this so it helps to regenerate your cells

6. Walnuts
In here you can find omega-3 that makes your skin looks younger and you’ll look nice with that.

7. Egg
It prevents from skin dryness

8. Green tea
if you are on diet, so it’s very common to hear that drink green tea help you to burn your fat.
And that’s right, beside that green tea is very useful for your healthy skin.

9. Paprika
Not all people like eating paprika but do you know that it helps you to get younger skin and it has immune system for your body

10. Melon
Melon is very delicious to eat (at least for me), beside that, it can make your skin brighter, prevent your skin from acnes and also cure your skin from acne.
It can keep your skin moisture and anti aging.
you can use this as your mask for skin care or eat the fruit.
The choice is yours.

So that’s all i got, if you have more information or you want to share your tips, it would be very nice for us.

Thanks for reading.

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