Good Food for Beauty Skin

03 Jun

Food for Our Skin

Every woman wants to have beautiful and healthy skin. Don’t worry, you can get it from now.
There are so many kind of foods that help you to get beautiful and healthy skin.

1. Avocado
It prevents your skin from dryness, hair loss, and brittle nail.

2. Tomato
It prevents your skin damage because of polution and toxic, at least it can make it slow down

3. Salmon
Japanese people love to eat Salmon so that’s why Japanese people are very smart especially in the robotic and automotive.
Not only about being snart, but also it can be your useful anti aging.

4. Pomegranate
This fruit contains much antioxidants so that can help to heal your wounded skin faster.

5. Nuts
If you eat this so it helps to regenerate your cells

6. Walnuts
In here you can find omega-3 that makes your skin looks younger and you’ll look nice with that.

7. Egg
It prevents from skin dryness

8. Green tea
if you are on diet, so it’s very common to hear that drink green tea help you to burn your fat.
And that’s right, beside that green tea is very useful for your healthy skin.

9. Paprika
Not all people like eating paprika but do you know that it helps you to get younger skin and it has immune system for your body

10. Melon
Melon is very delicious to eat (at least for me), beside that, it can make your skin brighter, prevent your skin from acnes and also cure your skin from acne.
It can keep your skin moisture and anti aging.
you can use this as your mask for skin care or eat the fruit.
The choice is yours.

So that’s all i got, if you have more information or you want to share your tips, it would be very nice for us.

Thanks for reading.

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