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How to Redude Your Weight ?

How to Reduce Your Weight Quickly and Healthy ?

Here’s the way.
1. Do exercise
Everykind of sport is a good way to reduce your weight. Even you only walk around your residence, it helps to burn the calories.
You can walk, run, or maybe swim. i’ve read that swimming can burn your calories more than running.

2. Drink mineral water
Mineral water is the most important thing in metabolism process in our body. if we drink mineral water less than it should be so our body will be dehidration

3. Don’t be stress
It’s normal if we will be stressed in our working life. when we have too many things to do and also about the deadline that will give us a lot of pressure.
But the main point is how to manage your stress. maybe in the middle of working, you can listen to any kind of your favorite songs or maybe you can rest for a few minutes.

4. Dietary habit
You have to control your dietary habit even you do exercise. Eat foods that contain fiber so it helps your digestion. such as fruits and vegetables.
Don’t eat to much carbohydrate, and eat foods that also contain protein.

5. Sleep and wake up earlier
Air in the morning is very fresh dan good for our health. Don’t sleep late in the evening so you can wake up earlier tomorrow and do small exercise.
Sleep around 7-8 hours everyday and also if you take a nap in the afternoon so don’t sleep more than 1 hour.

That’s all, thanks for reading my blog, hopefully it can help you to reduce your weight and stay healthy… 🙂

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