Movie Review : Survivor

06 Jun

This is the next interesting movie after I watched San Andreas last week. The genre are different buat i like both of them. The main actors are Pierce Brosnan who’s known as 007 James Bond before and Aldo Milla Jovovich who’s played in Resident Evil and ultraviolet. Both of them are very famous so the first time when I saw the poster of this movie, I was very excited. And today, I just watched it, and it’s much better thank what I thought. This movie is about How to survive when you are not in a good situation. Jovovich as Kate and Brosnan is called The Watchmaker who’s the most wanted killer that can’t be caught by the government. In the begining of the movie, Kate get info from her colleague, there’s a suspicious about visa application to USA from a doctor. She suspected it as something that’s related to terrorism. And after that the villain thought she’s a trouble and ask The Watchmaker to get rid of her. She’s suspected as a terrorist and hunted by the government and The Watchmaker. How will she survive and clear her name? That’s an interesting part and you can feel the tense there. This is one of recommended movie.

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