Movie Review : San Andreas

03 Jun

Movie Review :

San Andreas

Main Actor : Dwayne Johnson as Ray

This movie is all about how to survive and think creatively when you aren’t in a good and normal situation.
The character here are very impressive, even the supporting actors, they can act very well.
In the begining, you’ll see how great is the main actor (Dwayne Johnson). He has to face the difficulty in his mariage life, his wife and his daughter want to live together with his wife’s boyfriend even they aren’t divorced yet.
And in the middle of movie, there’s suddenly a big earthquake and causes big tsunami, Ray has to save his wife and daughter’s life.
Ray saved his wife and they are trying to find their daughter to save her.
They are separated with their daughter so it’s getting more tense cause when they have to find their daughter, they also have to face the disaster and think fast.
So all of this movie is about how to survive and cooperate with other people who are beside you to get through this incident.
In a panic situation, you should be calm and think fast but accurately.
Moreover, having knowledge is also the most important one so from now you can start to enrich your knowledge by reading books, watching movie, or maybe chatting with others so your knowledge will be much more than before.
I think this movie is very worthed to watch, it’s impressive cause it’s very rare to find good movie to watch lately.
It’s very recommended.

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