How To (Healthily) Compete With Your Spouse

24 Aug

Gym Rats, Yoga Mats

Here’s the healthiest competition. No matter the flavor of your workouts, keep a shared calendar in a visible space and mark down both of your exercise each day. At the end of the week, see who is putting in more time. You don’t have to do the same workouts or hit the gym at the same time, although it is fun to see your less flexible half struggle with downward dog.

Sweet Charity

Pick a cause that’s meaningful to you both and see who can raise more money for the cause or reach a target sooner. You can do this through an event, like a 5K walk or run, or just set a goal outside of a race and see who can hit the mark first. The charity will certainly appreciate the effort.

Quiz Show

Knowledge is power, and it’s damn sexy, too. Wipe the dust off of your Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble, or turn on Jeopardy and keep a tally. You’re sure to have fun and will at least agree that Alex Trebek can be a bit of a snob. (Extra points go to who can do the best impersonation of Darrell Hammond-as-Sean-Connery on SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy .)

You Got Game

Men are often the bigger sports fans and a lot of women adopt the guy’s team, but why not catch him off guard and root for his favorite team’s rival? He’ll appreciate that you’ve taken an interest (or greater interest) in the sport. He might also get frustrated and take you back to his team’s side so you can root against the other team together.

Put Up Your Dukes

A little healthy competition can be great for your relationship, and we’ve devised nine contests that will break the rut of “same old” while also bringing you and your spouse closer together. From matching wits to savings tricks, these games may also help you appreciate some of the best your partner has to offer.

Mr. & Mrs. Clean

Cleaning isn’t fun, but somebody has to do it. And now that the ‘50s have passed, it’s only fair to share the responsibility. Before you start, divvy up the housework evenly, and then see who can finish quicker. You may get swept up in the competition and find that it’s actually not that tedious this way.

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